• I Love Me More Lounge Set

    "Be nothing else than exactly what you are, or you rob yourself of the chance to be loved for everything you could want to be." You deserve the love you give out. Treat yourself highly at all times...

  • Tye Me Bikini Set

    Summer 23 is approaching, you spent countless days fasting, dieting, working out and missing your favorite snack during those winter days for. Your time to shine is now, and its better with Confidence and alot of Self Love. Whether you stayed in the gym or enjoyed your winter cuddling, This Summer we want you to enjoy yourself either way. Shop our swim wear collection today.

The Most Beautiful Thing You Can Wear Is Confidence..

Being A Boujee Babe is not just flaunting your confidence when you feel good. It's a lifestyle, to always remember your worth, life isn't always peachy and self love flowers, when its dark, lonely, the reminder to lift your head, shift your crown and never give up own yourself. Take time for yourself yes but never give up on you.

CEO- Kara Solace