The Most Beautiful Thing You Can Wear Is Confidence..

Being A Boujee Babe is not just flaunting your confidence when you feel good. It's a lifestyle, to always remember your worth, life isn't always peachy and self love flowers, when its dark, lonely, the reminder to lift your head, shift your crown and never give up own yourself. Take time for yourself yes but never give up on you.

CEO- Kara Solace

  • Topic & The Topic Pick

    Believing In Your Self And Having Confidence Gives You Outer Strength. Flaunt your confidence in our sheer lace stocking dress. Dress up for a night out or bedroom play.

  • Boujee Babes Just Want To Have Fun

    If you obey all the rules, you miss all the fun. Show your stretch marks and flaunt your confidence in our "Babe I'm High Maintenance Crop Top".