But Healing Hurts...

But Healing Hurts...

How does one heal? How long does it take? When do you know your healed from traumatic experiences life puts you through? Do you wake up one morning and everything is different? The truth is healing take a life time. Sounds harsh? Perhaps... just depends on how you look at it. However, we are constantly going through experiences so once you obtain a certainty of self. Life is constantly throwing curve balls at us and its our living will to dodge them if your quick enough but again we are humans and things happen so when the curve ball hits you upside your head...it hurts..your confused..it hurts more...you learn..you understand and you move on.

The beauty of it all is once you understand it, overcoming it feels better. To gain not just knowledge but nobility. So how do we heal? Everyones journey is different and every level requires a different version of ourselves. Still waiting on the answer huh? SO HOW DO WE HEAL??? We dig, we isolate ourselves, we find peace, we look in the mirror and see our high self. Truth is there is no straight forward answer. We are all different. The best advice would be to figure out who you are. Learn you, where do you come from, who are you? Why do you act the way you do? Get in tuned with your inner child, study yourself and when you figure it out study your self some more. As I stated before we are constantly growing, transforming and moving.... at least we should. 

Now again we are humans and things happen, it's ok to not be ok, it's ok to have bad days. It's how you handle those days, it's how you react to those emotions. Even when you fall and more than likely it will happen, just get back up and try again. Journaling helps keep you on track of your growth. Look back on what triggered your emotions, and why you reacted and how you could have handled the situation. As long as you are learning that is your growth, that is your healing, just be sure to apply it the next time. Mindfulness practice helps keep you in control of your thoughts and emotions. Recommended book: Mindfullness In Action By Chogyam Trunpa helps walks you through steps especially if you are new to meditating. 

                           Mindfullness in Action Written By Chogyam Trunpa Introduces Meditation To First Timers


You have to be willing to make the necessary changes to heal and to grow and that will include sacrificing who you use to be, you wants and what you thought you needed in order to be the transformative person you are proclaiming to be. It's going to hurt and its going to feel lonely and that is ok its part of the process. 

Aligning your Chakras will help give you the balance you need with your energy and healing process. Learning how to balance them and what caused them to go off course is the necessary steps to get through your healing. What are your chakras? Chakra "Sanskrit" means Wheel" there are 7 energy points in your body that are thought like spinning wheels to your nerves and major organs that effect your emotional and physical well-being. The 7 chakras each have a different meaning and different color based on the energy point you are working with. If you want to really getting into balancing your chakras there are yoga poses for each Chakra, there are food types and colors that are specifically for that chakra.

                     7 Chakra And The Colors They Represent

Designated Self Care days where you dedicate the day to catering to yourself, taking a nice bath with candles, rose petals, aromatherapy candles to help set the mood. Going shopping, eating at your favorite restaurant, doing something that makes you happy. Treating yourself, regardless of the week and what you might be going through. It doesn't have to involve spending money. Going for a walk at the park, something simple as sleeping in an extra ten minutes. Confidence Lingerie We designate Fridays as our self care day but honestly any day can be of self care. Actually every day should be self care day however get a day out the week and treat yourself, no regrets. 

The point is healing takes time..... a life time. So it's ok if you don't have it all figured out. The most important thing is that you find self love and inner peace.  I've learned when you love yourself, you don't indulge into things that doesn't show love to your whole being. When you love yourself you learn that self discipline isn't suffering but an experience to help you grow. When you find inner peace, the outside world can't effect you or cause you much grief because you are in control of who you are. At the end of it self love is always the best love and it takes just enough confidence to find the key to begin the journey. You don't have to be perfect to start.... just start. 

       Jessamyn Stanley, yoga teacher and author of “Every Body Yoga.” (Photo by Christine Hewitt.)

Jessamyn Stanley, yoga teacher and author of “Every Body Yoga.” (Photo by Christine Hewitt.)

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