Fall Is Here!!!!

Posted by LaShanta Lewis on

It's is that time of year again. Time to put away the belly shirts and short shorts and bring out the cardigans and Uggs. From Ice cold lemonade to hot tea and pumpkin spice. Some trendy items to follow this 2019 fall season. 1. Animal print is back and ready to be apart of this season. Now everyone knows rule number one to animal print DO NOT MIX PRINTS. Example cheetah print shirt with snake print cardigan is a No No and NO! 2. The color purple and yellow is trending this fall. Many different shades of purple are flaunting and making a scene this season. Burgundy is usually a go to for fall but it looks like purple is in full effect. 3. Long coats are going to be a big thing for fall and winter. Trench coats, long petite coats etc. 4. So don't quote us but flare pants yes FLARE pants are making a come back this season. The best shoes to wear them with is heels, and any kind such as boot heels would be perfect. These are the top 4 2019 fashion trends for this season. Lingerie trends are coming soon.

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