Autumn Season Is The Best Season

Autumn Season Is The Best Season

It's that time of year again. As we let go of our cute sandals and shorts and start bringing out the cardigans and uggs, we want to remember no matter the season we keep it cute and confidence. Keep up with the latest trends this fall. What's to come this season are 1. Maxi Coats: Yes the long knee to floor length coats. Inspired by a military coat style, in 1969 owners of Dior decided to take a chance with the design. This trend has slowly been making its way back to the women coat section. This is perfect for our Trench Coat and Heels weather. Expect to see more brands take advantage of the coat.

This Trench Coat and Heel Look Is Perfect For This Season

2. Lingerie Inspired: Now this is our category of expertise. A lot of fashion companies are trying something new with lingerie theme outwear. With a mix between loungewear and outside clothing the hashtag #lingerieisfashion is being brought to the runway, stores and inside the boutique. Dressing up your bodysuit, chemise etc. Definitely expect to see Confidence Lingerie taking advantage of the lingerie outerwear style. 3. Modern Prep Look: This is actually a great season to bring back the school girl look. Bringing back lettermen jackets, plaid pattern, tennis skirts and more. This screams October look. Now that we have a look lets get into some colors. Colors to expect this fall are Fiery Red, Army Green, Fuschia Pink and Clay (honestly didn't know what was considered a color but if your not sure yourself picture the Grand Canyon).

This Garter set Is Perfect For A Night With Your Lover

These are just a couple trendy fashions to prepare for this coming season. We have launched our Fall Collection and will be participating in Kink Month come October. Be sure to stay tuned and subscribe to our newsletter and the first to know about our new arrivals and sales. 

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