The Life We All Should Want

The Life We All Should Want

The luxury lifestyle is so much more than what people think. It's the life we all should want. What it means to live luxury and having luxury is deeper than the eyes can see. Confidence Lingerie is here to turn bougie into a life style, an attitude a way to self love and express through self care. Luxury doesn't mean rich, wealthy or having a lot of money. In fact the definition of luxury doesn't even bring up money. According to Mr. Webster its simply a condition of abundance, or great ease and comfort. It's more about being comfortable and satisfied. Of course if someone wants to dig deep you can say having money, being wealthy is also being comfortable, abundance etc. However, its not the base. What I am getting at is, we only associate luxury with rich and famous people.Living a life style of nice cars, fancy houses, yachts, expensive foods that we can't pronounce, traveling everywhere and shipping our kids off to boarding school or having nannies to take care of them.

So I want to talk my talk and be the change in the world. Luxury can simply be having a self care day of soaking in a warm tub filled with essential oils, rose petals, bath salt(Dr. Teal), lit candles (for some) a glass of wine, with soft music playing in the background. Having that time to yourself to just be at peace, to create the tranquility in your environment. We are not keeping up with the Jones, we minding our business and living our best life because we understand that comparison is the thief of joy. We create the life we want and so luxury doesn't have to just be fancy material things. Being in good health is a luxury and no not necessarily being vegan but just having a healthy mind and body is a luxury lifestyle. You can have all the material things you want and have high blood pressure, diabetes, cancer while riding on your yacht but you can't enjoy life and if we are going off the definition then your not living luxury because your not comfortable. Health is Wealth!!!

Bougie is a lifestyle, luxury is a feeling. Now lets get into Bougie or Boujee which means "luxurious in lifestyle, yet humble in character". Having the fancy things but also knowing who you are on the inside and not letting material things define who you are. I'm sure you have heard others say "I want the finer things in life". Are they wrong for wanting more? Most people who grew up with less want more, want their children to have more than what they had.There is nothing wrong with wanting more but just making sure you are grounded internally is the most important part. Giving your children the Christmas you never had but also giving them the love and attention they need to grow. Being bougie is simply balancing the two life hacks and learning to conquer it while showing yourself love. I am sure all my ladies have heard other girls judging by saying "She think she all that", uuhhh should she not? Yes I am humble and I know were I come from but I want to be unapologetically free, unbothered by the opinions of others. When you have worked for the things you want, you want to reap the benefits. Nella Rose has been the mood to start Summer 2021 off. When she stated "I've been suffering, I suffered for 19 years, its time to shake my ass on a yacht. In Dubai. In A Thong." If that's not a forever mood. We all just want to live our best life. 

Confidence Lingerie wants everyone to feel bougie, to think highly of themselves and want more out of life. Again it is not always about materialistic things, sometimes it could just simply be having time to yourself to do the things you love to do, to live comfortably with no worries. At the end you have to do what makes you happy, we aren't here for a long time so we must make the best of it. Take care of yourself and enjoy life. Be unapologetically happy, don't comparison your 4th level to someone who is on level 10. Luxury is simply being comfortable and satisfied. You don't have to wait until you get to level 10 to start feeling happy. That is what self care days are for, DIY's life hacks (thrifting couponing) don't go broke trying to keep up. It's a marathon so learn to enjoy the journey. So if you haven't been keeping up Confidence Lingerie has updated our customer fan base name to Bougie Babes and we love it. Stepping into our greatest selves and showing up as who we want to be. Gratitude



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This is a great way to be the change you want to see in the world. Im sure some are going to disagree but living your life for your own happiness and not seeking validation from others is the inner peace we all need. Going within keeps us grounded.

Kara Sensei

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