NEW items and MORE sale

NEW items and MORE sale

October is a busy month for the Confidence Lingerie. Sweetest Day is this week and Halloween is right after. Not to mention October is National Kink Month!!!

We have new arrivals coming in and our clearance section is filled with summer items. Let’s just be clear, the heading of the post states sales and I am sure you want to no more about saving money right? Ok so with all of special days coming up we have special discounts as well.

Sweetest Day is this Saturday and Ladies let’s be honest our guys believe it or not are expecting something for such a special day. Confidence Lingerie is here to help out. Using a promotional code of “Sweet” you will receive 20% off on all men’s wear. This applies to our fan favorite custom robes as well. This promotion last until Sunday October 20, 2019.

We are doing a 3 day sale for our Halloween Costumes with 25% off on all costumes and yes all costumes no matter the price. From Monday, October 14, 2019 to October 16, 2019. No promotion code is necessary, you will receive the discount at check out. Let’s not forget our hot girl summer sale which use to be 40% is now 50% off for all of our swim Wear. Take advantage of these sales as they are limited time only. We also have our new arrivals section filled with new items ready to be purchased.

The lingerie industry is becoming more popular and creative in the fashion industry. Knowing lingerie is not just for in the bedroom or for skinny petite blondes. Confidence Lingerie is here to make it known, Lingerie is fashion and lingerie is for anyone and everyone. A lot of times we were lingerie without even realizing it. No matter your size just make sure you are flaunting with confidence. Be sure to visit the website and check out our our items.


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