The Side Chick Holiday

The Side Chick Holiday

So did 2022 start off swinging or is it just me? Let's just get through the first month and ride the wave. Speaking love and life into this year and using the lessons of 2021 and applying them to 2022. No looking back but moving forward and allowing ourselves to grow into who we are destined to be. With that being said Valentine's Day can be a little draining for those who don't have a lover to share it with.

So 2022 single, married, complicated or taken first thing first is to love yourself. I know, I know we always talk self love this and confidence that, but its so necessary to love ourselves. It helps us heal, it gives us an opportunity to make room for whats meant for us. You can't love someone else if you don't love yourself. Better yet you can't love someone else appropriately if you don't love you. By loving you I don't mean materialistically, I am talking loving you through the good, bad, ugly the flaws, during your ugly phase. You know the process of the caterpilllar before it becomes a beautiful butterfly. Honestly we spend majority of our lives going through the caterpillar to butterfly stage but thats part of the process of growth. Anyway what I am trying to say is no matter what stage you are in your life you must first before anything else is Love Your Self..... That's Law. 

We are enjoying ourselves this Valentine's Day by treating ourselves to something nice, even if we are single we are going to enjoy the day with the lovers. We will not throw shade, we will not bash or expose couples to make us feel better. We gone keep it P and I mean big P and flaunt our self love and confidence. No need to worry what others are doing because no matter our relationship status we loving ourselves first. Some things to do if you are single on such a lovers day is treat yourself to a spa day, cook for yourself, go to a Botanical Garden, treat yourself as if you were treating your lover. You don't have to be alone spend time with other single friends, your parents, your kids (if you have any). 

If you are in a relationship this is the day you get creative and do something different, doesn't have to involve spending lots of money to prove your love. Pay more attention to your partner, I am sure they have express either concerns or some wants or needs they desire. Use this time to show you do listen and care about their desires. Tantric Yoga is a great way to get in touch with each others passion, without the sexual acts. Get in touch with your partners love language, understand them more, take a cooking class, go paintball, it doesn't have to be cliche and lets be honest the restaurants and movies are going to be the most packed yes even in a pandemic.... are we still in a pandemic? Anyways just do something different, spontaneous, loving and make sure your heart is in it as well. When you love someone seeing them happy makes you happy so in the end you both win. That's the goal, just keep it P. 

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