Coming Out In Style

Coming Out In Style

Surviving COvid-19 y'all I am ready to tell my story.... Ok kidding but I am going to blog about the experiences of such a time. Outside is opening back up, summer is approaching, PPP loans has everyone feeling rich vibes, stimulus checks are still routing, taxes coming back, what a time to be alive, better yet what a time to start a business!!!

Prior to the ball out season CoVid brought a lot of pain and depression, major losses and realization of those in need. This pandemic change the world (America) and it will never be the same. Bitter sweet as we all know with great change comes growth. This Pandemic made us all realize a lot of things, one being people aren't as cleans and the sanitizing thing should forever. I never realized how much I touched my face until I had to worry. 

If your like many of us, you spent your quarantine wearing lounge wear or work clothes. With everything closed and not wanting to take any risk it was pointless to get dressed up. If you weren't into online shopping CoVid put pressure on us all to trust the sites with our credit card information. So we spent money on clothes we weren't going to wear but they were cute and well... what else was there to do besides dress up and have a fashion show in your living room, or are y'all normal?

Some people spent quarantine picking up habits, working out, doing yoga, creative innovative work shops. Some business took major hits and others flourished more. For the essential works, thank you for taking the risk to work and I hope you were paid more than enough for your selfless service. Some spent all their time at work and others lost their jobs and found better ways of living. CoVid was the break many of us needed to reset ourselves and realize how over work and underpaid we truly are (however that is another conversation for another day). This experience was the opportunity we all needed to sit with ourselves, to get creative, to embrace our innerself, to be brave enough to do the shadow work necessary to be better, to do the activities we procrastinated and put off because we allowed ourselves to get busy.

You learned how to put on make-up, learning interesting life hacks to get you motivated enough to want to change your old ways. A lot of losses due to CoVid but with an optimistic mind set great things are made from broken places. Learning new was to live, better ways to eat and challenging ourselves to depend on yourself. By that I mean if everything was to shut down, how could you survive. The pandemic on top of natural disasters and low essential workers gave a great awakening to Americans. If your still not picking up what I am putting down I am referring to growing your own food, making your own clothes, hunting and gathering life. I know it sounds crazy but seriously it is something to think about. If everything shut down and you couldn't depend on the government how are you going to survive? (That can be another topic for another day but its something to think about.)

There were many habits we all picked up and challenges we had to face. I just want to say we made it through quarantine and whoever is reading this I am proud of you for not giving up even when the times were hard and the losses seemed impossible to come back from. This was just a challenge, a curve, a hill for you to get through, to find yourself, your niche on what you want to do with your life. Hopefully you used this quarantine time to do something for yourself that would make your higher self proud. Whether you started a business, changed your eating, started working out, started a journal, picked up yoga and mindfulness practice, defeated depression, taken care of your child(res), learned a new language whatever you did to get through Covid, I am proud of you and if you are still stuck this is your message.... your still here and you are important. You do not need to be like anyone else but yourself. Spend time finding what works for you and own it.  

Basically what I am saying is we are coming outside this summer and now is the time to flaunt your confidence, flex your curves and ride the wave of embracing your inner beauty. Coming out with a new mind set, better ways of living and in a style that compliments both your inner and outer beauty. Coming out in style is not just about your clothes but your aura, the vibes. your smile, your attitude, your mindset, your personality. Just remember confidence is the key that opens the door to self love. Self love is the first step to release the shackles of validation. Live in your truth and come out in style. 

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