Tis The Season..Hello?

Tis The Season..Hello?

The next two months are going to be a busy month for both business owners and shoppers. Let' just say this is the busiest time of the year for us all. Working extra hours, staying up late to full-fill orders. The good thing is time went back so we at least get an extra hour of sleep or the lack there of. A whole lot of spending. From gifts, decorations, traveling expenses for those traveling for the holiday and lets not forget the bills you pay every month. Making a list and checking it twice would be the responsible thing to do right? Of course Confidence Lingerie has come up with a list on ways to get through this holiday season. Saving money, getting the right gifts and mentally getting through the season. Back to back holidays and birthdays and more. Of course for the remaining of 2019 spending, shopping, working and buying on repeat. So stress is bound to take place. Take a look below at some ideas we came up with to try.

Here are some Holiday Tips:

1. Create a Holiday Budget List. This will give you an idea of what you plan on purchasing, and how much you are going to spend. This helps keep you from those surprise overdraft fees, and last minute items. Of course you can organize your list and break it down to everything you plan on spending, as well as the activities you will be involve in. Utilize the saving apps to help get you keep track of your savings helps as well. The Mint app is a great app to use and can be purchased on both i phones and android play stores. 

2. Make a list of everything. A list of your holiday expenses, a list of everyone you are going to buy a gift for, a list of your monthly expenses, if traveling anywhere make a list of those expenses as well. Make a list of everything you are planning to spend. Having a planner sounds nerdy but it is actually a great way to keep track of everything you have to do. For those who are busy having a planner tracker is a great tactic. Check your local Wal-Mart for monthly trackers. Depending, if you have a hobby lobby near you they also have planners that you can get a little fancy with. 

3. Try your best to shop early. Avoiding last minute shopping will keep you feeling at ease. Less waiting in long lines, no stressing, no worries on out of stock items. This will give you more time to get to things you may need to. If possible the best you should try to get your items weeks in advance if possible. 

4. Take advantage of as many sales as possible. This will help you save more, with the holidays in there are a lot of sales that will take places, such as Black Friday sale, Cyber Monday, the day after Christmas sale and many more. Now there is a big debate on if one should take advantage of the sales before the holiday or after the holiday is over. Sometimes the items are cheaper after the holiday as they are marked down, returns and many other reasons businesses to take advantage of. 

5. Of course you have to take care of yourself and that is first and foremost. The main thing to do is don't over-indulge. This is the season to give however, it is not necessary to go bankrupt or stressed beyond reasons because you want to impress others. Continue a daily routine of mental relaxation such as working out, yoga, eating certain things that will help stimulate you on a mental level. Give yourself a break every now and then, don't over work yourself. This is also the season of a high rate of anxiety and depression as well as suicide. Try to spend time with family to uplift your spirits. Detox, sounds crazy with so much holiday food to partake in but detox not only the food you eat, but the music you listen too, the habits that you have grown way to accustom to. Take a different way to work. Challenge yourself with love. Develop a morning and/or nightly regime that can help you stay afloat. 


Of course there are more tips for this holiday season but we figured these are for sure the top five. The most important tip is to stay mentally stable. Yoga and mediation is a great way to relax the mind.The holidays can for sure drive you crazy however, following the tips above could help prevent some unnecessary mental break downs. Problem solving is going to be your biggest helper. If you can't afford it, problem solve, what can you do to afford it? Is it necessary to have right now? Do what you can to keep you up and in the right state of mind. 

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